Born Ray Anthony Green in Chicago, Illinois on Februaury 18, 1993. I am a lyricist, singer, songwriter and producer who already knew at the age of four what I wanted to do. I wanted to get into music and impact folks in a positive way.

 In 1997 my dad got a job offer that gave him the opportunity to move me, my two brothers and my mom out of the hood. He took a job that moved us all to out Omaha, Nebraska. 


My parents were not into the HipHop movement so as a result my brothers and I didn’t really list much either. I grew up listening to a different type of music then most of the kids in of my generation. I listened to artists like Andraé Crouch, Donnie McClurkin, Marvin Sapp, Yolonda Adams and CeCe Winans. The closest thing to hip-hop my mom and dad allowed us to listen to was Kirk Franklin. The albums “God’s Property” “The Nu Nation Project” were always on repeat in my home. My parents didn't want us to be exposed to people like Tupac, Snoop Dog and Biggie, etc. because those were artists seen as negative influences on us. However, whenever we went back to Chicago for visits, I hung out with my cousins and that’s all they listened to. 

A few years later, some rap albums found their way into our home. To this day I have no idea where the CDs came from. The albums were from a rap group called "The Cross Movement" and a rapper named T-bone. What made them different was that these guys were Christians. To me it was revolutionary concept.  I didn’t know that you could be a rapper and be a Christian too. And these guys were good! 

After that it was a wrap! I was hooked on HipHop and I got into to all of the Christian HipHop I could get my hands on and I started writing my own raps on scratch paper. 

  At fourteen I came across artists like Lecrae and the 116 Clique and their music inspired me to a whole new level. At age sixteen, I started doing performances at a church designed for teens. 500 teens in attendance every Wednesday night. 

I continued to perform at youth church services until I began to pursue music on a more professional level in 2013. Since then, I I’ve been writing, rewriting, recording, polishing stage presentation learning the ins and outs of music/show biz. 


I got a dream I’m chasing and I plan to see it happen.

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